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"Standby box with delay circuit"

This product is a standby box with a built-in delay circuit. Since it has a built-in delay circuit, it helps reduce the burden on the preamplifier and linear amplifier. The input and output of the microphone adopts the "Adonis" pin arrangement, and the connection cable of Adonis is used. By using it, you can connect to the radio of each company. Please note that the PTT circuit of the microphone will be delayed, so in the case of CW, it will not be delayed. Sales price: 12,800 yen (tax included) * Shipping fee not included (Sales price, color, etc. are subject to change without notice) Please use the inquiry page (inquiry form) to place an order.

Description of the front panel.

Connect the microphone to the microphone connector. It was Both input and output have "Adnis" pin layout. When using an Adonis microphone Use an 8p straight cable. (Adnis product number is P-88A) Turn the power on and off with the power switch. Turn the preamplifier directly under the preamplifier on and off with the preswitch. The LED display shows the status of "radio transmission", "linear transmission", "linear reception", and "preamplifier" from the left.


Size: 140mm (W) 40mm (H) 100mm (D)

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