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About contactrestoration agent.

* The following is for your reference. We do not think badly about contact rejuvenation agents based on our own arbitrary impressions.

■ About contact restoration agent. Please refer to the increasing number of people using contact restoration agents for

radio-related restorations these days. There is a description in a wireless magazine that "after that, a contact restoration

agent is used to prevent contact defects", but it is necessary to consider it. If used properly, I do not say that it is "ineffective",

but it is very difficult to use it properly, and it is thoroughly disassembled and cleaned. It is safer and more secure and you can maintain a good contact condition in a stable manner.


So what are the benefits of contact restoration agents?

1) "I feel like I've been restored" when I use a contact revival agent, which is a high-priced product.

2) In rare cases, poor contact may improve in the short term.


On the other hand, what are the disadvantages?

1) Poor contact does not improve. If the acid film has already caused poor contact, the contacts will not return unless the acid film is removed.

2) Contact becomes more and more defective. Dust etc. is attracted to the non-volatile component contained in the contact restoration agent and pollutes the surrounding area. The contacts will become more and more defective.

3) It attacks the resin. It invades and changes the quality of bakelite, etc. It was Bakelite, which is familiar with Bakelite, cures and swells. Curing causes the board to crack, and if it is a double-sided board during expansion, it may cause through-hole breakage.

4) Attacks the adhesive. The printed circuit board is a Bakelite or glass epoxy board with a copper foil attached with an adhesive. This adhesive is invaded by the components of the contact restoration agent and causes the pattern to peel off on the printed circuit board.

5) The adhesive will not stick. Adhesive does not adhere due to the influence of non-volatile components. It is not possible to repair cracks in the board.

6) Solder will not get on. Soldering may not be possible due to the strong non-volatile content of the contact restoration agent. It will cause tempura solder and you will not be able to repair it at all.


Do you still want to use "contact rejuvenation agent"?

For those who absolutely want to use

1) It can only be used for slide contacts. It was The rotary switch, slide switch, volume,

KEY jack and speaker jack are the best places to use. It cannot be used for contacts such as push button switches, relay contacts, and toggle switches.

2) Make sure that the rejuvenating agent does not adhere to anything other than the contacts.

Don't let your guard down because it's a spray type. If it is a KEY jack, apply it to the plug side and go to the jack side.

Do not spray. The reason is above.
    If it is a volume, open the cover and apply it only to the resistor. Inexpensive volume has a resistor on the bake plate     Although it is pasted, it is necessary to prevent the contact restoration agent from sticking to the bake board.

    In the case of a high-class volume or a large winding type volume, it is a little easier, but other than the contacts It is basic to     prevent the resurrection agent from scattering. The rotary switch of the bakelite sandwich uses a toothpick etc.

    so that the bakelite does not get a resurrection agent. Apply with the utmost care. If it is a steatite rotary switch, it is a little     easier, but the non-volatile component causes dust and the insulation deteriorates. It will be a cause, so you need to be     careful not to get the rejuvenating agent on other than the contacts.

3) Do not use for parts that cannot be replaced in case of emergency Use only for parts that can be replaced even if they are

broken in consideration of damage to resin parts. There are only headphone jacks, KEY jacks, and volumes that can be used for replacement parts.


* We do not use contact restoration agents for repairs. This is because there are too many disadvantages.

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