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We accept consultations on amateur radio repairs, standby box production, and other electronic component repairs. Please note that repair may not be possible depending on the content. Please read the following terms and conditions carefully and fill in the repair request form after understanding. In addition, those who request repairs will be judged to have understood the following terms and conditions and will be repaired.

Please understand that we will not be able to respond to requests outside the rules after the repair starts.

The repair flow is as follows.

① Fill in the repair request input form. (If you have a budget, we will repair within the range)

② We will contact you as to whether or not the repair is possible, so please wait for a while.

③ If repair is possible, the requested item will be shipped at the customer's expense.

④ Even if you return a repairable reply, it may not be possible to repair if it is difficult to procure parts after actually starting the repair, submersion, lightning protection, illegal modification, etc.

⑤ In case of repair, transfer the repair price. If repair is not possible, transfer the investigation fee.

After confirming payment, the repaired product will be shipped by cash on delivery.

※ Please forgive the request for heavyweight (over 16kg) equipment due to the person in charge of repair and having back pain. However, we will accept repair requests for individual units such as the final unit.

※In the case of normal repair, we cannot accept quotations before repair.

caution) It seems that KENWOOD / TORIO products can be used regardless of the number of years after the end of sales. Please contact the manufacturer once. If it is difficult, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you. However, if it is difficult to obtain parts, etc., it cannot be repaired. Please note that we may charge only the inspection fee.


 ◆ About repair outline


■ Inquiries regarding product repair

DFS Factory Co., Ltd.


■ About request for repair.

After filling out the repair request form,

the shipping fee will be borne by the customer. In the case of shipping

by cash on delivery, the shipping fee will be added to the repair cost.

■ Acceptance and delivery address for our repair requests.

DFS Factory Co., Ltd.

〒426-0061 1-14-14 Tanuma, Fujieda City, Shizuoka Prefecture 2F 054-659-2045

In case of carry-on request: Basically, we do not accept carry-on requests.

* If possible, please attach the material photos (jpg, png, pdf, gif) from the

email (can be included in the requested product) and send. The We ask for your

cooperation in attaching photos, etc. so that you can understand the situation as much as possible.

Also, if you cooperate in providing materials such as circuit diagrams, the work will proceed smoothly.

Please note that repairs may have to be abandoned due to "difficulty in procuring parts, etc."

In that case, we will charge 5,500 yen (tax included) as the investigation fee.

■ About repair price.

After the requested product arrives, we will start repairing.

However, if the budget is presented at the time of reception, we will repair within that range.

(Please note that it may be slightly different.)

* If the repair price significantly exceeds the approximate repair price after the repair starts,

we will notify you by email later. In case of repair cancellation, we will return it by freight collect.

■ About repair period.

Please note that it will take 1 to 2 weeks from the arrival of the requested

product at the earliest, depending on the failure situation. Please note that it may take one to several

months if there are several parts to be procured and repaired.

■ About shipping of repair request products.

Please use the regular packing box, cushioning material, etc.

at the time of purchase to ship the repair request product. When using an alternative packing box, use air packing etc.

to prevent direct damage to the panel / chassis due to impact during transportation. Please fully reinforce and pack to protect the product. Pay particular attention to large and heavy fixing machines. Please note that if the repair request product is damaged due to improper packaging, it will not be possible to repair it. If you have any questions about transportation, please consult with the transportation company you are requesting before shipping.

Customers are responsible for the round-trip fare for repaired products. Please keep a copy of the shipping company's check in a safe place until the repair request is returned to you.

■ About payment method after repair is completed.

We will notify you by email of the billed amount as soon as the repair is completed. Please transfer the billed amount to the following account. Please note that the transfer fee will be borne by the customer. Once the transfer is confirmed, we will ship the repair request item. Repair fee = repair fee (repair work fee + parts fee) + consumption tax

※Transfer destination.


Branch : TOKYO


Bank Tel : 03-5250-1771

Swift Code : ZENBJPJT

Account No. : 1501-117-0325891

Name(Beneficiaryy) : DFS  Co., Ltd.

■ About repair estimate.

If it is necessary to estimate the repair cost such as insurance estimate according to the customer's request,

it will be estimated as the work cost per unit. We will charge 5,500 yen (tax included).

* We cannot accept quotes for regular repairs other than insurance. In addition,

if repairs are carried out after the quotation, we will replace it with the construction cost and

will not charge the estimated cost.


◆ About repair contents.

■ About repair reports.

We will inform you of the repair details and repair costs by e-mail.

If you have any questions Please contact us at

■ About equipment using tubes.

Basically, we do not repair. However, we will supply the necessary parts to the extent possible.

This is because more than 35 years have passed since the end of production, and if you really

want to use this kind of equipment in the future, you will need to maintain it yourself.

■ About the preamplifier directly under each manufacturer (Anten, Elite, etc.).

We can repair products from both manufacturers, but we cannot open the case.

Please open the lid once by the user and then lightly fasten the bolts before sending. Especially for Anten products, stainless bolts are used for the aluminum die-cast case, and the bolts often do not loosen due to electrolytic corrosion,

and if you force them, the bolts may break. If the bolt breaks, it will be very expensive because you will ask a milling company to pull it out and the wages will be included in the repair fee. If you agree with the matter, we will repair it.

In the past, there was an elite pre-made pewter with a case. In this case, it is difficult to open it alive, so it may not be possible to repair it. Also, if you open the lid and look inside, "lightning" or "submerged" items cannot be repaired,

so we will return them at that point. Even in that case, the work cost and shipping fee will be borne by the customer.

■ About submersion, lightning strikes, and unauthorized modification equipment.

Even if the product is a repair request other than the preamplifier, it will be returned at that point if submersion,

lightning strike, or unauthorized modification is confirmed after opening the lid. Even in that case, the work cost and shipping fee will be borne by the customer.

■ About the repair request location.

I will not touch anything other than the requested part that you filled out in the repair request form.

Please describe the symptoms in as much detail as possible on the repair request form. Please specify the cases that occur only occasionally. In the case of a request that "the power does not turn on", we will work to turn on the power, but since we are not a manufacturer, we will not check other operations. Please request as detailed repair as possible.

(Although it is often found in old Icom, it may break just by touching the trimmer capacitor or coil core, and a lot of labor may be required for repair.) Damage during repair (deterioration over time, etc.) Even if another part is out of order,

we will contact you once and decide whether to continue the repair. In that case, even if the repair is abandoned,

the work cost and replacement parts up to the above work will be charged.

■ Warranty after repair.

Under normal use, if the same part fails within one month after repair, it will be repaired free of charge.

About lamps.

Basically, lamps are out of warranty. If there is a request to replace the LED, we will replace it. Lamp burnout usually occurs due to vibration during transportation. If the lamp returns from repair and the lamp is burnt out, it is not covered by the warranty, so we apologize for the inconvenience, but please fill in the repair request again from the input form.

We will inform you of the estimated amount. Replacement lamps are almost gone domestically. Please note that if there is no replacement lamp, it may be replaced with an LED.

■ About various settings after repair.

Please note that various settings may be unavoidably returned to the factory settings when repairing.

■ About the storage deadline after repair.

After the repair is completed (repair is not possible), the storage period is "3 months".

If the period has expired, we will dispose of it here.

■ About overtime correspondence.

Please note that we cannot respond on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, our holidays, and outside business hours.

Please note that it may take some time to contact the repair request.

■ About the revision of the rules.

This agreement will be revised without notice.

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